My kids love asking Alexa to sing the song Technology. It's a catchy tune. But seriously, it seems that one single person would have to be updating, upgrading, downloading, etc. all the time to keep up with what's out there.

Cell phones, cars...escape reality...Sailpaddle
Cell phones, cars...escape reality...Sailpaddle

Just today, on my walk, I was listening to someone rant about how inconsiderate people are when they are on their cell phones. Then all of a sudden a guy on a bike almost hit a little two year old girl walking across the Strand because he was paying attention to his cell phone, probably changing a song or something on his device. Don't get me wrong, technology can be a good thing. I happened to be rockin' out to some fun music and minding my own business when this person had to yell to stop me and say hi. But, I am just finding it hard to keep up with.

With running a business, there is a constant call from "THE MARKETING EXPERTS" to continuously change things, more bells, more whistles. It can be a good thing, but too much of a good thing can make one wake up with a headache, or a new tattoo. We are constantly surrounded by noise. Cars, cell phones, computers everywhere...except on the water!

You know the feeling of being alone on the stand up paddle board, paddling. Hearing the wind and the water rippling around. Very soothing! An escape from reality!

I suppose some people have those cool waterproof speakers, like those at Speaqua I love traveling around with music blaring. My husband has asked when my mid-life crisis is going to end, but it's not. If I'm lucky I have 30+ years to hang out here on this planet and I hope to be mostly grateful for every moment I have left. And actually, the blaring music has been very meditative for me. Depending on my mood I go from the Christian station to Reggae to Hip Hop to classic rock and country. All in the name of fun and escape. One song I love to listen to full blast is Eminem's Lose Yourself...makes me go faster!

So where was I? Oh yeah, technology...well I wouldn't be here typing this if we didn't have it. Enjoy it, just remember to escape from it and a good way to do this is Sailpaddle. Unwind Downwind!

Much love, until next time.