It's Tax Time and the Wind is UP!

Time to party! Well only if you've finished your taxes. Unless you like tax time, which is great, no judgements here.

The great part of this time of the year is that it's a great time to get out on the water. Here, in Southern California, this is the time for some great wind. Stand Up Paddleboarding is a natural cure to work and worry. It lends itself to peace and tranquility during these taxable months. And I know that you know what I am thinking...When the wind is up and at your back it's a great time to pull your sail out and have a rewarding downwind experience with your SUP paddle by Sailpaddle.

So far I haven't taken the time to enjoy this winter/springtime wind. In fact, right now is perfect; the sun is shining, the wind is up and the seas are calm. Life duties may be keeping me from this wonderful relaxing experience right now, but I, like the wind, will prevail. My paddle with a beautiful orange sail is hanging on our wall just waiting for the moment I seize the day and get out on the crystal blue water.