DaSail SUP Paddle: It's in there!
It's part of the paddle.

SUP enthusiasts now have a paddle that easily transforms from paddle power to wind power and back again.

When you paddle, you take the sail with you -already attached -and ready to go

at a moments notice.

  • Time to sail?  

          Slide out the sailing rig and set the sail.


  • Want to paddle again?  

          Stuff the sail back into the paddle and             you're back to regular SUP paddling.


           It only takes a few seconds.





Switch from paddle to sail and back to paddle whenever you want.

Re-stowing the sail is just as easy.
  • Undo the downhaul loop from the downhaul ring,

  • Lift the boom until it rests against the mast,


  • Then stuff the sailing rig back into the paddle.

The sail offers you more than 12 feet of sailing surface.

Sail at different points of sail.

​​Experts will enjoy the challenges of advanced sailing techniques. 

Even beginners can quickly master downwind sailing (the easiest point of sail.)

When the wind comes up, don't fight it,  flow with it.

Whether paddling or sailing, this high performance paddle is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Just paddled today about 8km with DaSail Fit. I paddled upstream without the sail, then let the wind whisk me home with the sail up. The paddle handles so well, I don't hesitate to take it with me for touring. The transition is reasonably quick and very easy to get the sail up and down. This is a respectable paddle to add to any collection---good fun and good function!

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Redondo Beach, California

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