Shop DaSail SUP Paddle

  • Carbon Fiber Shaft

  • ABS Plastic Blade

  • Same DaSail™ System.

  • Same clamp lock

  • Adjustable

  • Lightweight

  • Performance grade

  • Full carbon fiber 

  • Clamp Lock

  • Adjustable

Patented Technology

Everything you need to sail fits inside the shaft of the paddle!  

Complete with a self-contained,

fully functional sail and support structure (mast and boom).

Just pull on the handle cap and out slides a full lightweight sailing rig.  

In seconds go from paddling to sailing.  

When finished sailing, re-stow the sail just as quickly.  

You’ll be underway in even a light breeze.  

In strong wind, hang on tight and go faster than you can paddle.

In paddle mode the S/V  adjusts from 66"-83."  

When the SAIL'S UP, it adjusts from 110"-129."

Sailing was so relaxing after paddling. Dillon B.