S/V Paddle

New Two-Piece Adjustable Paddle with Sail


S/V Paddle

Two-Piece Adjustable 

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Sailpaddle is proud to introduce the S/V Paddle.  When this paddle is in two pieces and ready to stow it measures only 48" in length.  The two pieces slide quickly and seamlessly together creating a durable carbon fiber adjustable shaft.  This paddle can adjust from 66" to 83".   

The S/V Paddle has the same great features of our Econo Paddle:  Same sail and rigging, Same carbon fiber shaft, Same awesome ABS plastic blade.

Sailpaddle is proud to announce our newest paddle on the team; the S/V Paddle.  This Adjustable, Two-Piece Paddle is perfect for traveling or just heading out to the water for a quick paddle and sail.  The S/V Paddle adjusts from 66" to 83".  It easily stows in two pieces with a total length of 48".  Early reports from dads that have loaded it into their cars is how nice it fits in the trunk of the car or the back seat. 

Sailpaddle: New Two Piece Adjustable Paddle
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