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The Sailpaddle Team thanks you so much for your belief in our products.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at or call Monica at 310-318-1774.

"The Yawfin™ allows me to paddle without fatigue.  It gave me a cleaner, straighter stroke.  I can feel the control of the paddle. I am able to paddle without scraping the side of my board." Rick C.

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Recent Testimony

I wanted you to know that I'm really enjoying the Sailpaddle.  On breezy days it adds a whole new dimension to my paddleboarding experience.  I'm wondering if there's any way to make the sail bigger, or if you've already maxed that out because of the length of the paddle.  Also wondering if there's a way to have any kind of spot for holding the saddle on the sail as you would a windsurfer sail.  I understand the paddle size might limit that option too.  Just a couple of suggestions for possible ways that you could make a great product even better.  Thanks!  


Thank you for the feedback!  I am very glad that you are enjoying your Sailpaddle.  Yes, my husband has tried bigger sail sizes, but like you say, we are at the mercy of the length of the paddle.  The paddle length had to be so much longer that it was impractical for the average size person. Also, we've had a slotted pad that held the paddle blade on the bow of the board, and have found that just resting the blade on the board seems to work as good if not better.

Thank you again!


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"Well finally after months and months, the hot sunny summer weather has arrived! Today I was out with the Sailpaddle and absolutely loving it. Having so much fun on the string of easterlies we’ve been having. Some fun wind wave chop as well.


Here’s a few photos of my friend sporting our home town of Sidmouth in the background that I took this morning with my iPhone out at sea. Lots of paddlers really interested."

— Simon, UK