Full STEAM Ahead!

The school year is coming up fast, if you find yourself in a homeschooling situation this year, Congratulations! We, at Sailpaddle have been homeschooling our kids for the last 20 plus years. Like any endeavor, there have been ups and downs. Each year has been different from the last. Along time ago I heard some advice that each year is temporary and as long as you give them the opportunities to explore they are going to learn.

Stand Up Paddles laying on the beach of a lake

May I suggest a P.E. class that can double as science? Try Stand Up Paddle boarding. Try it with an S/V paddle from Sailpaddle. So, what kinds of things can a person learn while out paddle boarding? The answer is... so much! And when a sail is added to the picture, the possibilities expand and can become transformative.

Some of the obvious learning that is experienced is; navigation, wind speed, balance, awareness,

confidence, joy, and coping skills. And yet, there is still, so much more learning that will take place as you and your kids explore the wonderful world of Stand Up Paddling with an S/V Paddle from Sailpaddle.

The S/V Paddle from Sailpaddle takes paddle boarding's focus from just paddling around the water to actually being able to catch the wind and feel the excitement of soaring downwind. The S/V Paddle from Sailpaddle is a great family paddle. It is a two piece paddle that stows easily and deploys just as simply. It features the same patented technology as our other paddles from Sailpaddle.