Yawfin™SUP Paddle

The next Generation Paddle


      Get more power out of each stroke.

 Novice Paddlers 

        Better your Paddling Technique. 

 Straighter strokes mean

       Less fatigue

      More strokes per side.



Patent #9033753

Increased control with every stroke.

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DaSail™ SUP Paddle

With its Patented Technology Everything you need to sail fits inside the shaft of the paddle!  

It's a self-contained, fully functional sail and support structure (mast and boom).

Just pull on the handle cap and out slides a full lightweight sailing rig.  In seconds go from paddling to sailing.  When finished sailing, re-stow the sail just as quickly.  

You’ll be underway in even a light breeze.  

In strong wind, hang on tight and go faster than you can paddle. 

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Sports Gear For the SUP Enthusiast.  

  • Sailpaddle Yawfin™ Sup Paddle: Increased control with every stroke.  
  • Sailpaddle DaSail™ SUP Paddle: A SUP Paddle with a sail inside the shaft.  

Great Outdoor Gear to Maximize your SUP Experience.  Outdoor Sporting Goods for the SUP rider.

More Efficient With Every Stroke

The Difference Is What's Inside

Paddle Out.  Sail home.