You’ve mastered the waves, now harness the wind!  
The DaSail™ SUP Paddle takes you from paddle power to sail power in seconds.

​The DaSail™ SUP Paddle looks and feels like a regular pro-level SUP paddle:  
​Full carbon fiber – lightweight – professional grade.  

The difference is what’s inside:  Pull on the handle cap and out slides a full lightweight sailing rig.  In seconds go from paddling to sailing.  When finished sailing re-stow the sail just as quickly.  You’ll be underway in even a light breeze.  In moderate wind you outrun your fellow paddlers.  In strong wind, hang on tight and go faster than you’ve ever paddled.  Sail downwind, sideways – even tack upwind.

Take Stand Up Paddleboarding to the next level with Sailpaddle's NEW DaSail​™ SUP paddle!

Oceans, Rivers, Lakes

Wherever the wind meets water!

​​There are three sail color options; yellow, orange or lime.  The lime sail is our BRAND NEW color!   It is a fluorescent green that shines with the brilliance of the tropics.  The orange sail brings to mind a radiant sultry sunset, while the yellow sail compares to the dazzling warmth of the sun's rays.  These three vibrant sail choices look stunning against any water background, whether the water is tantalizing turquoise, beautiful blue or gorgeous green.

 "Used the paddle on Sunday down at Rats Beach. Paddled to PV [Palos Verdes] 1/2 hour and sailed back in 10 min. Did three trips. My buddy got some pics of me on a wave in the surf with the paddle -sail down of course. And one sail up on the open water. He said people near him on the bluff tripped out when I put the sail down in the paddle and kept paddling in."  Will - Redondo Beach, CA

Choose from two adjustable DaSail™ SUP Paddles : DaSail™ Ohana Series Liteand DaSail™ Ohana Series Fit.  The LIte is our original SUP Paddle, full carbon fiber with a twist lock.  The Fit is our most recent addition to the Sailpaddle family.  It is a lightweight, full carbon fiber SUP Paddle with a clamp lock for easy and accurate adjusting.

Paddle Out.  Sail home.