Yawfin™SUP Paddle

The next Generation Paddle


      Get more power out of each stroke.

 Novice Paddlers 

        Better your Paddling Technique. 

 Straighter strokes mean

       Less fatigue

      More strokes per side.

Patent #9033753

Increased control with every stroke.

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More Efficient With Every Stroke

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DaSail™ SUP Paddle

With its Patented Technology Everything you need to sail fits inside the shaft of the paddle!  

It's a self-contained, fully functional sail and support structure (mast and boom).

Just pull on the handle cap and out slides a full lightweight sailing rig.  In seconds go from paddling to sailing.  When finished sailing, re-stow the sail just as quickly.  

You’ll be underway in even a light breeze.  

In strong wind, hang on tight and go faster than you can paddle. 

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The Difference Is What's Inside

Sports Gear For the SUP Enthusiast.  

  • Sailpaddle Yawfin™ Sup Paddle: Increased control with every stroke.  
  • Sailpaddle DaSail™ SUP Paddle: A SUP Paddle with a sail inside the shaft.  

Great Outdoor Gear to Maximize your SUP Experience.  Outdoor Sporting Goods for the SUP rider.



Paddle Out.  Sail home.