DaSail™ SUP Paddle

Patented Technology

When the wind comes up, don't fight it. Flow With It. 
Let the wind be your friend with our fully self contained DaSail™ SUP Paddle.

 It's not a windsurfer, there's no extra or bulky equipment to carry.

 It's all inside the paddle.  

The DaSail™ SUP paddle is lightweight, full carbon fiber and super fun to use.  

When you're paddling it's a lightweight, awesome paddle.  

But when the wind comes up you can soar as fast as the wind will take you.  

(Not intended for use in an electrical storm.)

Safety ∞ High Visibility ∞ Conserve Energy ∞ Go Farther Faster 

There's wind every day!  

Yes, everything you need to sail fits inside the shaft of the paddle!  

  • It's a self-contained, fully functional sail and support structure (mast and boom).

It's like pulling a rabbit out of a hat! 

  • Just pull on the handle cap and out slides a full lightweight sailing rig.  In seconds go from paddling to sailing.  When finished sailing, re-stow the sail just as quickly.  

You’ll be underway in even a light breeze. 

  • In strong wind, hang on tight and go faster than you can paddle. 

The Difference Is What's Inside

US Patent No. 9033753

Home of the DaSail™ SUP Paddle  with its Patented Technology! 

               And the NEW Yawfin!

Paddle Out.  Sail home.

Oceans, Rivers, Lakes

Wherever the wind meets water!

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