Yawfin; cuts the water like butter

Yawfin™ Info

Now Paddles Know

It's a fin for your blade.

  • Increase Perfomance.

  • Decrease Fatigue.

  • Paddle Straight.

Sharks Know

Percision, strength and rigidity help the shark to move swiftly through the water. 

Shark's percision through water

Swordfish Know

Fins help fish swim. Stability, Manuverability...Speed!

Swordfish stability

Even Planes Know

Winglets reduce drag, save on fuel (fatigue)

Plane:  Reduce Drag

For Great Performance Check out the Yawfin™ SUP Paddle! 


"My students who are interested in improving their paddle stroke and skill use the Yawfin™ SUP Paddle as a resource to properly show mechanics.  The ability to feel a "locked" paddle blade at the catch and through the power phase is something that is hard to convey in words to a beginner.  This, combined with its additional tracking ability let's newer paddlers take advantage of more strokes per side during a lesson so they can focus more and more on technique." - Robert Norman, FL