Spring! Blessings!

Well, well, well...Spring has finally sprung. Isn't this exciting? It's time to bring something new and beautiful into your life. I was out for my morning walk with the dog on this sunny day and saw these flowers sprouting up all over the park. I also saw some wonderful peopl

e (still running) at mile 14 of the Los Angeles Marathon. And, I was blessed to walk by a baseball game at the high school, complete with people cheering. Blessings are all around us.

A new and exciting blessing that has come to Team Sailpaddle is our S/V Paddle. I was out doing some R&Ding earlier this afternoon. The wind is perfect and I was able to have a long fast sail back home. This picture is not of me. These are a couple of our Team Sailpaddle kids.

This paddle is both stow-able and sail-able. It quickly breaks down into two pieces to stow in the car, boat or travel bag. When in two pieces it measures 48" tall. And when it's in paddle mode it can adjust from 66" tall to 83", so it's perfect for families and friends.

It's a great time to be alive and enjoy the windy days of spring. Team Sailpaddle is always coming up with new ways to get the most out of your paddleboard experience. This new S/V paddle by Sailpaddle is a great addition to your SUP paddle collection. It's also a very practical paddle for a first SUP paddle purchase. Why not have the power to sail whenever the wind is at your back? The blade is plastic, strong and durable. The shaft is carbon fiber. The paddle is light and adjustable. This is a great combo for fun in the sun and the wind.

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