What's there to know?

So, I'm trying to write some content about Stand up paddling, sailpaddling, or wind paddling, or really whatever you want to know about.

Team Sailpaddle, Homeschooling our Ausie

I have 6 kids that I have homeschooled; 2 graduated and currently attending college, 2 in charter school and 2 now in public school. Our youngest child has Down syndrome and I have had three teenagers (insert "pulling out hair emoji). So I have a lot of knowledge about that. We live on a boat with our kids and an inherited Australian Shepherd.

My husband's been living on the boat since 1980 and I've been on since 1996. All but the two oldest were born on the boat in a hot tub.

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This summer I'm trying to implement "Intentional Family Fun Days!" On the Saturday before Father's Day we all happened to be home at the same time, so we had a family meeting and each person got to come up with one thing they were willing to do with the family for some family fun time. It actually looks fun. We have things like Family Ice Cream night, family hike and family movie. My 8 year old said, "The dog should get to choose something too." And the 15 year old chimed in with, "No, then we'll have to spend more time together." Aah, the teenage years.

Tandem sailpaddling

So, what do I know about stand up paddling, or sailpaddling, or wind paddling? Well as a paddle board paddle shop co-owner... I know some. I, personally enjoy paddling out on my board and then sailing home in the wind. I used to do it with my 2-4 year olds. It was always tricky when they decided to stand up and walk around the board. Granted, we are blessed with a rather wide paddle board. But, anyone walking around on the paddle board was inevitably going to cause it to rock. My husband is very handy and made the kids their own custom sailpaddles. So when we would get to a turning around point where the wind was at our backs, we would pull out our sails and sail home wing on wing. Now that everyone is a bit older I get to go solo on the paddle boards. Which, I would say is a lot more peaceful. And, no, the dog hasn't gone on a paddle board yet. But, maybe someday...