Spring has Sprung!

In Southern California the wild flowers are all a bloom in the desert. We've had lots of rainy days this year and are blessed to see so many vibrant colors. This picture was taken by a friend on a hike we did in Malibu a couple of weeks ago.

Beauty from the ashes.

Enjoying a Spring Sail

Here, at Sailpaddle, we are blessed to live where we work and are able to jump on a paddle board and enjoy the spring winds on the water!

Fun in the snow!

And, this last week we were savoring family time in the mountains. What a wonderful awe inspiring experience. The snow, just frozen water, yet materializes like frosting on a cake. (Yes, I may be a sugar addict.)

All of this snow will have the lakes full throughout the summer. Stand up paddle boarding on a lake with the summer breeze at your back is just calling for a smooth, sleek sail with your

DaSail Sailpaddle!