Super St. Patrick's Stay-cation

Stay-cation cookies

Oh my! How is everyone doing out there? Are you fully stocked? I am so done with stores. I went to two yesterday and found chocolate chip cookie dough and some other essentials. I think that at this time it is important to stay balanced in body, mind and soul all while adhering to the quarantine experience. Fortunately, Stand Up Paddle Boarding naturally lends itself to social distancing. Follow me into this mindfulness...

You flop the board into the water, grab your paddle and precariously, somehow stand up with your feet firmly planted on the board. And begin paddling. Aaaaah!.... you wobbled. Deep breath, and begin paddling. Three strokes per side. Alright, now you've got it. Smiling, confident. The rhythm, 1, 2, 3 change sides...

And then your friend joins you; flops in the board, tries to look cooler than you getting on the board, wobbles a bit and then stands up confidently.

The board shakes and your friend falls on his knees to the board. He begins paddling... 1, 2, and zoom almost into you. At this moment you totally appreciate social distancing. You push him aside with your paddle and your friend finally stands up. Your both on your merry way, keeping at least 6 feet distance between the two of you. He better stay away and not make you fall into that icy, cold water.

So, we can see from this example that now is the time to Stand Up Paddle and what's more fun than stand up paddling? Sailpaddling!!! Even though there is no March Madness and no St. Patty's Day bar binging, it's still March. And what is March famous for?!? The wind! Yes, the wind! And what makes Sailpaddling even more fun? The wind! Yes, the wind!

With the wind at you and your friend's back you can pull out your sails and enjoy the cool breeze as you soar downwind to a destination that will make you happy, or at least excited enough to paddle back up wind and try it all over again.