Am I only as good as my Internet Connection?

Am I only as good as my internet connection? Living on a boat, our internet connection varies from tide to tide, to how much moisture is on the line, to who knows what. Right now; and this is why I'm writing this; our connection is as good as it gets. Yesterday and for the last few days it was not. I was frustrated. I got a headache. I spent an hour trying to print out a label to send a Kit to Simon in the UK. Finally, I got it to s-l-o-w-l-y work and was successful. Simon, thank you for your order! You should have your Kit in a few days!

I should have just gone sailpaddling! I love paddle boarding in the calm waters by the rocks, seeing the fish swim around under me. It's like floating on top of a fish tank, but only better. Very cathartic! I highly recommend it!

So to answer the question, sometimes, Yes! I am only as good as my internet connection. When it's working, I can get so much computer stuff done. And Alexa is running nicely, so I can blast Neil Diamond until the kids get tired of it and yell, "Alexa, play ..."

Red, Red Wine

I don't know, "Red, Red Wine," just takes me to a very sweet place.

But my internet connection does not define me. Not even my love for Neil Diamond defines me. I think what I have found in these last few weeks as some of my kids have started traditional schooling is that real connections with real people count. All I can say is thank you to whoever listened to my woes of the first month of school! I love my tribe! Some of you are new and some (like my husband and kids) have been around for quite a long time. But, all of you have been such a blessing!

So let's lift a glass!

To friendships!

To strangers (potential friends)!

To real, good, Connections!