Happy New Year

Hello everyone,

I can't believe this new year has started. My New Year's Resolution...Stand Up Paddle and when the wind is at my back do a little Sailpaddling! I love the feel of paddling my way up wind and then finding a safe place to turn around and pull out the sail in my very fun Sailpaddle!

So, what is the art of having fun Stand Up Paddling? I'd say, just getting out and doing it. I totally understand not wanting to get out on these semi frigid winter days: not wanting to get the feet wet in cold water, not wanting to haul the board to the water and then having to put it away.

Wind Paddle Sailpaddle

Also, having to deal with the wind comes up every afternoon. But that's the beauty of the Sailpaddle; to be able to put those windy times to good use and enjoy them. The windier the better! Just be smart and have fun! Paddle out and Sail home!