Thankful Things

Hello Everyone! It's been awhile... Letting you know we are still here! And a few things to be thankful for in 2018.

We began the year creating a mission statement for the family. It goes something like this...Be healthy and strong in body, mind, spirit and finances while supporting those within and being generous and kind to others. Filling our time with lots of laughter and love. Sometimes we're good at it and others, well it's a journey. So on that note, I have a few websites to thank.


and so many more.

I'm very grateful for my loving and supporting husband and children, our beautiful ocean and the awesome people that we get to meet because of Sailpaddle! We are super duper thankful for all of you who have purchased one or more of our products! And we are absolutely thankful to all of you who visit our website and have shown interest in Sailpaddle.

Many Thank You's to you all!!! And wishing you much joy and peace for the new year.