Father's Day is Coming!

We, at Sailpaddle are very excited for this day. Big Dad is a proud father of 6 awesome kids. We are hoping for a relaxing day where Big Dad cooks for us on the BBQ and puts the toys in the water for all to play with. Just slightly kidding... I'm sure we'll take care of him quite well.

We love you Big Dad. Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

It looks like we need an updated picture of everyone. The baby is now 3. As they get older it gets harder to get them to be happy to sit for a picture together.

Just to suggest a great and meaningful Father's Day gift this year...how about a DaSail™ SUP Paddle or a Yawfin™ SUP Paddle? If you contact us with your mailing address we will send you a FREE Sailpaddle sticker or two. They make for great gifts.

Summer is here! We hope you get the most out of your summer family time.

Team Sailpaddle