The Yawfin™ allowed me to paddle without the fatigue. It gave me a cleaner, straighter stroke.  I could feel the control of the paddle.  I was able to paddle without scraping the side of my board. Rick C.

Version 5.0

The next Generation in

Paddle Design and Performance

Tracking on each stroke was also noticeable. I imagine that on a long race, when fatigue sets in, stroke technique starts to break down and it's easy to have a few wasted strokes. The Yawfin™ paddle allows the paddler to avoid this and still get a positive push. Evidence of this is my wife, Nancy, who after 4 yrs is still a tentative beginner. With her, every stroke is is poor and unsure. Two weeks ago, she tried the Yawfin™ and to our surprise she actually felt comfortable. For the first time ever she paddled with confidence and good form.Wayne L.

The Yawfin™ 

  • Takes the flutter out of the paddle stroke,
  • Increases speed
  • Allows the paddler to move in a more accurate direction.

Sailpaddle has been working with Larry Allison of L.A. Fins.  Together (with some of Larry's awesome friends) they have R and D'd many sizes and shapes of Yawfins.  They have discovered the happy medium.  And are now figuring out how to bring it to you.

We have some people around the country beta testing the Yawfin™ Paddle and giving us some great feedback. 

Here's a quote from Shane K. one of our R and D friends. "Everything the Yawfin™ does translates into moving the vessel forward!!! So that said the Yawfin™ controls paddle yaw and increases purchase thrust and reduces vortex drag.  I'm sure there's more."

Version 1.0