To set up the sail

Bring the paddle to one side of your body

With the bump on the handle facing upward, pull up the cap to extend the mast and sail all the way out until you hear the click, revealing two yellow dots.

Align the two yellow dots.

Drop the boom from your hand. If the boom doesn't drop, don't force it.  Recheck to make sure the mast is pulled all the way out and the yellow dots are aligned.

Grab the clue eye loop.

Pull the loop down attach it to the downhaul ring. 

Adjust the downhaul ring to pull the sail taut. 

You are now in sail mode.

To collapse the sail.

Remove the clue eye loop from the downhaul ring.

Fold the boom up to the mast, then stuff the mast and sail into the paddle shaft until the cap fits into place back in the handle.  

It's that easy!




4) Paddle Out.  Sail Home.

To see how a DaSail™ SUP Paddle works, take a look at the video.

It's a good idea to pre-rig your DaSail SUP paddle before you venture out.

​2) DOT to DOT,

Listen for the click

3) Downhaul Ring


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