Trying to set your sail with the paddle standing straight up?

It's better to place the paddle with the blade behind you so that the handle and shaft are below eye level so that you can easily pull the cap and sail out and see the two yellow dots line up. Remember: Never force the boom.  Stay calm.  Pull the sail out until you hear the "click" and line up the two yellow dots.  The boom should fall gently into place.

Be a Happy DaSail™man. 

Stay calm. Catch the wind. Avoid hazards and obstacles.  Follow navigational rules.  Safety First.

Happy DaSail™man

Sad DaSail™man

See an obstacle, hazard or something in your way?  

Just stuff the sail back in and paddle to a safer zone.  Remember to keep enough distance so that you can have a safe and fun sail.

Being blown about when just getting your sail out?  Remember to take out your sail when the wind is at your back.  This is called luffing the sail.

Keep losing your clew in the wind?  

Be patient and try again.  Try to keep hold of the clew while you are attaching it to the downhaul ring.

Did you pull the whole sail, tube and handle mechanism out?  And now your sail is pinched in the tube?

Just extend the sail all the way out until the slider clicks to the bottom of the tube and simply install it back into the shaft of the paddle.

Problems with unfolding the sail?

If  you've deployed the sail but boom doesn't drop easily down into place, don't force the boom down.  Stay calm.  Just pull the sail out a little further, until you hear the "click" and line up the two yellow dots.  The boom should fall gently into place.

This is DaSail™ Man.  His number one rule is to stay calm and be aware of the surroundings and follow all navigational rules.  Safety FIRST! Okay, that's a lot of rules crammed into one, but they are all important.


The following things could happen, but they are easily remedied.