Now you can have the Yawfin™ SUP paddle as an adjustable.  This makes it fun for everyone.  Share it with family and friends.  Or just get it to the exact size you need it to be.  The paddle adjusts from 71 inches  (or 180 cm) to 90 inches (or 230cm).  The Yawfin™ Adjustable SUP Paddle weighs in at 807 grams (or 1.12 lbs).  Remember, the Yawfin™ decreases fatigue and increases stroke efficiency.  It also keeps you on course with more strokes per side and adds power to each stroke.

Yawfin™ Adjustable SUP Paddle

  • This paddle is full carbon fiber, making it lightweight and extremely durable. Our clamp lock makes for easy and secure adjuments to the height of your paddle.  Having the Yawfin™ SUP Paddle will allow you to cut throught the water easily which will reduce your fatigue and increase your performance.