The DaSail™ Econo SUP Paddle has a full carbon fiber, lightweight shaft and an ABS Durable Plastic Blade.  It has a sail stowed inside the shaft of the paddle.  Choose from three different colors, Sunset Orange, Lime Green and Tropical Yellow.  The DaSail™ Econo SUP Paddle features a sturdy and easy to use clamp lock.

DaSail™ Econo SUP Paddle

  • The DaSail™ Econo SUP Paddle features the same carbon fiber shaft and DaSail™ sailing system as our DaSail™ Fit Paddle.  It is an adjustable paddle.  In paddle mode the Econo adjusts from 74"-93." When the SAIL'S UP, it adjusts from 120"-139."  The sail gives you over 12 square feet of sail surface.