The DaSail™ Kit is a fully rigged sail for your SUP Paddle.  Retrofit almost any SUP Paddle with a DaSail™ Kit.  Reward yourself downwind.  The DaSail™ Kit comes in one piece, ready to easily slip into an adjustable paddle and an easily installed downhaul ring that is simply put around the shaft of the paddle and joined by two screws.  Also included is a clamp that can attach to any standard paddle shaft even if you have a non-adjustable paddle, you can make it adjustable by removing the handle of your paddle and attaching the clamp and then installing the DaSail™ Kit.

The DaSail™ Kit measures 49" in length and when fully deployed gives you about 12 square foot of sail.  This Kit is the exact same one we use in our DaSail™ SUP Paddles and works the exact same way.  Buy one today and enjoy those long downwind runs.

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DaSail™ Kit

  • Retro fit your paddle with a DaSail™ Kit.  The kit fits most SUP paddles and can transform your ordinary paddle into a fun and exciting experience.  Buy one now to feel the wind at your back as you sail downwind on your SUP board. Choose from our three signature colors; sunset orange, tropical yellow or lime green.